Cho Ku Rei


Cho Ku Rei

Basically the Reiki symbols are helpful in improving the flow of the Life Force Energy. The symbols are considered as a vital part of the Reiki practice. These are secrets and are unlocked only to the Reiki students who seek training in the advanced level.

Do you know these Reiki symbols don’t have any special power all by themselves? It can be made use only when it is used by a practitioner with complete focus on Reiki energies. Cho Ku Rei/Reiki Pwer Symbol, Sei He Ki/Emotional and Mental Healing Symbol and the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen/Distance Healing Symbol are the three primary Reiki symbols.

Meaning of Reiki Power Symbol or Cho Ku Rei

This is one of the first Reiki symbols to be used in Usui Reiki (means “placing all the powers of the universe here”). This power symbol works as a switch that aids in increasing the practitioner’s potential to channelize the positive energies. This is also the main motive of using Cho Ku Rei. The power symbol more or less appears like a coil.

You can draw the symbol in spiral as well as counter clockwise directions. There are some Reiki experts who use it counter clockwise while applying it in areas with excessive energy. There are other believers who realize that Reiki energy always works for the highest good and there is no requirement for any kind of influence.

How to use the Reiki Power Symbol?

The primary goal of using the power symbol is to connect it with the Reiki energy at the very start and also help in boosting the power of the Reiki during the session. There are some practitioners who use it first on their own chakras and palms before treating others.

This helps to clear the channels and thereby empower their hands. When use the Reiki power symbol over the crown of your client it will help to create positive energy. While using the symbol on the lower back area and behind the heart chakra it aids in the sealing of the energy at the end of the treatment.

Some example use of Reiki power symbol

The best part about Cho Ku Rei is that it can be used anywhere for anything. Some of the ways that it can be used are :

Wards away negative energies

During a Reiki session this power symbol is useful for clearing away the negative and the stagnant energies. You can draw the symbol either physically with a pen and paint or can be done symbolically with the hand on the air.

Delegate power to other Reiki symbols

It has an empowering positive impact on other symbols like Emotional Symbol and Distance Healing Symbol and also increases their effectiveness.

Effective in Spot Treatment

When you draw the Cho Ku Rei symbol on the specific part of the body, Reiki energy has the potential to aid in the curing or healing of any chronic conditions or acute injuries.

Enjoy Protection and Safety

When you draw a large power symbol in front of the individual or on each of their chakras it acts as a shield and safeguard the person from all sorts of negative energies. Cho Ku Rei provides protection to all the different levels like physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.

Meals Become More Nutritious and Healthier

The power symbol used just before your meals can take away all the negativities and thereby making food healthy and nutritious.

Improved Relationships

When you empower the business cards, greetings and gifts with the Power symbol, it inculcates the positivity and includes them in the personal as well as in the professional relationships and thereby renders the highest good.

Increase in the Positive Impact of Medication

Increase and improve your memory power by drawing the symbol Sei He Ki over yourself and say “I render myself the permission to understand and absorb the information that I am reading (mention the source) and I allow myself to access this information whenever I feel it necessary.”

Increase in the Positive Enjoy the Law of Attraction

Do you know the Cho Ku Rei can act as a law of attraction focusing tool? Make sure that you empower all your affirmations and make it more effective. This allows you to remain open to new, innovative experiences and solutions as well.

Forbid Misfortunes

The Reiki power symbol can help in getting connected to the universal energy instantly and thereby you can prevent the misfortunes. The symbol purifies the energy system by warding away the inharmonious energies around and thereby making bad events less likely to take place.