Are You Troubled in Relationship? Follow Reiki Steps to Bring Happiness

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1. Be Present

While you go through Reiki practice, you hold the hands of Reiki Master. His/her positive energy flows within you and makes you feel good at the present moment. It helps you to enjoy what is going on rather than where it will go. Concentrating on present instead of worrying about future will let you enjoy your relationship in detail

2. Let Go

Reiki means constant flow of positive energy. Maybe your relationship hasn’t work out for some real reasons. Reiki helps you to get over from that clingy feeling and start anew. It builds a bridge between you and a higher power. You may call it spirit or God or any positive energy, but this connection recovers your wounds and prepares you for the next go.

3. Be Yourself

This is the basic mantra for Reiki practitioners. Reiki teaches you how to be yourself rather than imitating others. It happens in our life that we blame ourselves for any misdeed; we lose confidence and don’t value ourselves too. Reiki teaches us how to be confident and how to connect to the best part in us. As soon as you feel confident and good about you, you can take care of your relationships.

4. Increases Your Inner Wisdom

Clarity is one of the important pillars of any relationship. If you want to increase your wisdom and be clearer about yourself and the prospect of your relationship, it will be easier to sail your boat on the correct direction.

5. Helps You to Take Risks

Human mind is a complex entity. We often claim to know our dear ones, but do we truly know ourselves? Maybe you want to be in a relationship, but your inner consciousness is holding you back as you are afraid of rejection or you don’t want to go through any painful breakup. Reiki makes you open and soft towards resistance and thus make you stronger to take risks in life.
So, these are some ways Reiki can bring happiness to your life. If you think your life is stuck and you’re not getting any way out, seek help to Reiki.