Opening the Third Eye Chakra – Signs of Third Eye Activation

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We often talk about ‘The Sixth sense‘. Maybe we use the term knowingly or unknowingly, but this is true that human body is the mine of mysteries and this is one of those unknown mysteries of our own body about which we know a little. Reiki is the way that builds a bridge between our visual world and our deep senses to cure our problems. The third eye chakra is the sixth chakra of the Kundalini Chakra system. In Sanskrit, it is popularly known as ‘Ajna Chakra‘. This Chakra builds a connection between our conscious mind and internal intuitions. The epitome of third eye knowledge is Lord Shiva who is the ultimate of this creation. Reiki says, opening third eye is also possible for us by regular practicing.

Location of the Third Eye

You must have seen that the third eye of Lord Shiva is located in between his eyes on his forehead. The popular beliefs say that the third eye or the sixth chakra is situated at the middle of two eyebrows where the ends of the eyebrows meet. It has strong connection with the Pineal Gland and opening of the third eye aggravates the functions of the Pineal Gland.

Colour of the Third Eye

  • The third eye chakra color is represented by the color, indigo or purple.
  • This is the color of wisdom and intense intuitions.
  • Indigo stands for energy which we can derive from the universe as this color not only connects us to our deeper senses but also strengthens our bond with the universe.
  • This color helps us to make a transition between life and death.
  • A sense of tranquility and inner wisdom is the gift of the color.
  • By meditating and concentrating, you can open the third eye chakra and enable to visualize incidents of past as well as future.

Basic Characteristics of Third Eye Chakra

Our psychological and behavioural attitude is strongly connected with the basic characteristics of third eye chakra. Those are-

  • Deeper Vision
  • Strong Intuition
  • Perceptions of the fourth dimension and energy movement
  • Illumination and other accessibility to mystical states
  • Enhanced psychic abilities including clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.
  • A strong built inner wisdom
  • Motivation for creativity

Benefits of Opening the Third Eye

The opening of the third eye is always for some bigger purpose. It is the strong source of intuitive wisdom which brings the mystery of the universe closer to us. Here are some benefits of third eye opening that can lead to our life to a new path –

  1. Third Eye Knows the Unknown, Sees the Unseen –
    • The third eye is connected with the crucial energy field which is not visible to ours physical sight. Through meditation, we have to achieve it. You must have felt uneasy before any mishap or realized that someone is following you. It is said that every people is blessed with supernatural guiding powers. It is just the deep meditation you need to get accustomed with that power.
  2. You Know Everything Subconsciously, Let It Speak –
    • Do you want to make your life more meaningful? Then, opening third eye chakra is a wonderful option. This is your inner power which can help you to see life in a new way where you don’t need any assistance from any crystal ball or tarot cards. When you’ll be able to open your third eye, you’ll get a more meaningful, thoughtful and intelligent life ahead.
  3. Transformation of Your Life –
    • Meditation for third eye and opening it has the power to transform your life. It makes you more self-conscious, and helps you to control your emotions by directing those towards the right way of life. Spiritual study says, we all born with the gift of intuitive wisdom. More practice of meditation for opening third eye sharpens that wisdom and introduce us with our new self.
  4. Makes You Stress free –
    • Is it possible in today’s life? Reiki says it is. Along with making you more conscious about different aspects of your life, third eye opening meditation has the capability of removing anxiety and stress from your life and increase your awareness. You can get rid of negative thoughts and lead a fear free life.

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How to Open Third Eye

There are some techniques you need to follow to open your third eye chakra. Here are the steps which are not at all difficult to maintain –

  • Choose the Right Place : –
    • For opening third eye chakra, you need to meditate. Search a place which is open and calm. Check out that nobody disturbs you while meditating.
  • Follow the Meditating Position : –
    • After choosing the right place, you need to sit straight with your knees folded. Place your both hands on your knees.
  • Relax Your Soul : –
    • For successful meditation, you need to relax your body and mind. The more relaxed you feel, the more you can concentrate successfully. Stay in that position to concentrate well.
  • Be Attentive about Your Surroundings :-
    • Pay attention to surroundings to get the minute details of the happenings around you. This will make you informed about many things that you may ignore usually.
  • Record Your Dream :-
    • Spiritual Gurus say that our dreams have certain meanings and those also have effects in our life. People usually forget their dreams after waking up at morning. If you keep records of your dream that will increase your concentration power.
  • Listen to Your Inner Message :-
    • Have you ever felt anything at any situation which is unexplainable? Does it ever come right? Every people feel likewise and it is known as gut feeling. But, generally, people ignore it. If you keep records of these feelings and see how many times you have been proved correct, you’ll know that your ‘sixth sense’ is becoming powerful.
  • Meditate More :-
    • Opening third eye is not a matter of few days. It may take your whole life to open it. Be patient and practice meditation on regular basis.

Signs of Third Eye Activation

  • Sparks of light
  • Vision of purple, blue and silver white colors and triangle or circle or rectangular figures of these colors.
  • A starry sky
  • A sensational feeling at the third eye area
  • Tingling effect in your body
  • Figures, aura, images, divine colors, invisible entities from other dimensions can be seen
  • Dreams may become real and vivid
  • Increased sensitiveness towards other energy field
  • Improvement in your thinking and decision making capacity without any fear or dilemmas– Sri Kamal, Reiki Grand Master