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How Reiki works?

Reiki is the art of healing an individual spiritually. It is a pious practice which an individual performs to heal the Universal Life Force surrounding him or her. This Universal Life Force or energy, according to the Reiki is termed as Qi or Ki which should be free flowing within or surrounding the individual practicing it, so as to be balanced and healthy. Reiki is a spiritual practice; it has nothing to do with religion. Hence, anyone can practice it despite their individual religion and use it to heal themselves as well as others in a proper way. This process is known as ‘Attunement’ in which the Reiki master or instructor preaches their students about the proper use of Reiki energy and how to heal themselves and others.

In Reiki, healing is done with energy. The instructor passes the Universal Life Force to their students through the medium of hands with the purpose of healing their illness or solving their tribulations in life in a person. Nowadays, people use physical materials, for example a crystal as catalysts to enhance the healing process. This is not the case with Reiki which relies simply on the Universal Life Force through various symbols, their names and hand gestures to kindle the energy used for healing. This roused energy is then transferred from the Reiki masters to their students and heal them. The Reiki instructor reinforces the student’s life force energy within their bodies healing them both mentally and physically.

It is very important to maintain a balance in all aspects of life- mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. All these elements or aspects are very essential for the good health of the individuals. Reiki is used to create this balance within an individual. This heals the individual, bring out their well being and make them healthy. The Universal Life force then flows freely and unhindered and if it does not, creates imbalances in life aspects and the individual suffers from illness or disease and an unhealthy state of mind. Consistency in Life force energy is required to maintain a balanced and healthy well being, which can be achieved by using Reiki religiously. Western medicine unlike Reiki, aids in treating the symptoms rather than improving the overall health of the well being. Hence, Reiki not only heals physically, it treats the individual to overcome all illness and makes them healthy in totality.

Miracles in Your Hand

Do you ever wonder that there can be miracles in your hands? Have you ever looked at with a sense of awe and wonder? Majority of us fail to realize that we can channelize divine healing energy via our hands. It is indeed a magical state and is an aspect that is currently beyond the understanding of the scientific reasoning. When we get accustomed to the Reiki and experience the mystical sensations that the Reiki energy brings in, we definitely are thrilled and excited. Unfortunately most of us don’t give importance to it as with time we become used to it like everything that life has to offer us.

Can you retain the sense of wonder like your childhood memories? You might have observed that young kids are filled with wonder. They can notice the smallest details that even the adults fail to catch or realize. There are so many things that we can learn from the kids. We have to be aware of the fact that our hands are magical tools that can help us to enjoy and appreciate our journey with Reiki sessions and beyond.

Why don’t you take a look at your palms?

Why don’t you take a pause and have a look at your palm. What did you notice and how do you feel? Did you smile? If your answer is yes, it is because of the presence of the Higher Self smiles at you via your very own healing hands.

Are you successful in bringing the warmth to your heart?

If yes, it is because your palms have the potential to reflect the love and compassion of your own heart back at you.

Did you feel the magic and the sense of wonder?

If so, it because the Universe is itself a magical place and you are present in the physical form in order to experience and enjoy the magic.

Are you feeling grateful and blessed?

If your answer is in the affirmative, it is due to the reason that our hands are the windows to the Spirit while enjoying the life in a human body form and making the most of the time on Earth.

Did you feel your palms getting warmed up?

The reason behind is that it is the natural healing tool that is delivering the nourishing energy of the Universe right at you.

Do you know the energy that circulates through our hands is another representation of our very own self? It appears from a Higher Universal Self. You have to be aware of the fact that in no way we are channeling anything that is not a part of us.

We all have the experience of holding the hands our loved ones and feeling wonderful. It definitely makes us feel good and also brings us closer. The hands of the infants and the little kids offer us the divine feel. It is a universal phenomenon that holding or a simple touch of a child’s can bring us immense joy and pleasure. It brings out the awareness that was hiding memories of our inner state of love.

You might have come across events where you gently touch someone ailing and there is a sign of healing and soothing. Majority of us don’t have the awareness to realize the power in our hands though we all might have experienced it atleast once in a lifetime. The presence of our healing hand over the patient’s body can offer a deep sense of relaxation.

Basically we are closer to Spirit more than we can imagine. Similar is the case with the magical power in our palms. If you are aware of this, it can help you to navigate the life easily and know your Higher Self.

As we take the road to the journey of life we might come across circumstances that are bumpy and seamless and smooth as well. Countless emotional states can be experienced starting from immense happiness to melancholy, to anger and sad and almost every emotion that is a part of the human life. You must remember that the magic in our hands is a constant phenomenon that is eternally blissful and unchanging. When you feel lost and puzzled, have a look at your hands and give smile and it will brighten up your face once again. You must understand that the smile is your greatest divine reflection of your own self.

Choosing Reiki Teacher

The Ways of Selecting your Reiki Teacher

Reiki is a life changing aspect and getting accustomed to Reiki energy is indeed an important milestone in your life. As per my life goes there is a well defined layout of the “before and after” moment. I must share my experience with you all because it has been indeed a life-changing event in my life. I began to notice an increased sense of awareness and was getting more connected to nature.

The gift of Reiki is amazing

I understood the soul in the human body and was also very less daunted by the things (small and large) around me. I became more confident and had the peace of mind that things will work out and didn’t think about what future has in store for me. Infact, I started believing that it is the Universe that will provide the requirements for me and my family. This is something that Reiki brings in.

Getting adjusted to Reiki is easy

Once I became accustomed to it I was fascinated with the positive energy that was flowing in my hands. I had never experienced such a feeling before. Getting adjusted to Reiki will take only few minutes. But you have to be prepared with the healing process from within. Detoxification of the body is one of the healing processes and this was the case with me.

I suffered from flue like symptoms for several days before I started feeling better once again. This was because the toxins from my entire body were washed out. There is infact nothing better than a Reiki Cleanse.

Second Reiki teacher helped me to finish the training

Finding my second Reiki teacher was pretty easy. She was budget-friendly and also stayed close by. I wanted someone who could train me with the advanced level in one day unlike 2 to 4 sessions. She was pretty and mystical and made me feel comfortable and safe with her warm energy. I successfully completed my Reiki Master Teacher training with her.

Internet can help with the searching of Reiki teachers

Online listing of Reiki practitioners have helped to find out great teachers at cost effective rates. Moreover, Facebook, Twitter and other social sites are helpful as well. You can attend a healing circle in case you opt for more personal approach. They are inexpensive and often free of cost. I have personal benefitted from the healing circles and met with different teachers.

Get accustomed to different Reiki Styles

There are several types of Reiki practices that can be adopted. Some of them include Purple and Violet Flame Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, and Crystal Healing etc. I have become accustomed so many different styles of Reiki and this have indeed helped me to broaden and enhance my practice.’

Listen to your inner self

While picking up a Reiki teacher you must make use of your intuition. Intuition is an invaluable tool irrespective of the fact whether you are new to it or an experienced individual. Let the Universe, God or the Angels you believe assist you and help you to find out and you will come across unexpected answers and ways.


Research work is mandatory and you must trust yourself. It is important to keep both your mind and heart open. You must remember that every teacher has something good to give us. It might not be something that you expect but it will be something that you require.

Editorial by Reiki Grand Master Sri Kamal

What is Reiki Attunement?

Reiki Attunement is an important ceremony whereby the Reiki masters pass on the Universal Life Energy to their students so as to heal themselves and other sick or distressed individuals. To create a balance within a person’s life, place or situation and maintain a stable state of mind, the process of Attunement is performed only by a Reiki master. Through attunement, the student is empowered by the Reiki master with Universal Life energy so that they possess the power to heal themselves and others. In turn, they can also pass on the energy when they themselves become a Reiki master.

While attaining Attunement, the Reiki students allow themselves to permanently open their mind and body and welcome the Universal Life Force energy. It is imbibed by them at all levels. The Universal Life Force Energy should be free flowing in a proper state, only then can the individuals practicing Reiki can create the balances in energy. A Reiki instructor should themselves be balanced, only then they would be able to balance someone else’s life. The students attain greater knowledge about the Reiki therapy as the level of attunement take place. With each growing level of attunement, the students achieve a higher level of spirituality and the healing process so that they can heal others who are suffering from problems. Attunements are thus ‘formal initiations’.

People who have already passed the attunement phase confirmed the fact that the power of this energy affected their lives effectively and spiritually. Reiki masters or professionals exchange energy from the Universe within them and in turn pass on this energy to their students receiving attunement. Only after receiving attunement, they can give Reiki to others in distress.

Generally one session of attunement in each Reiki study level is all right but some people tend to enhance their level of spirituality and healing process by receiving multiple attunement sessions in their life time. This has been proved by those who have undergone this stage. They claimed to have their spirituality and physic awareness after the attunement. The energy which a person receives after attunement tends to stay with them throughout their lives.

The Reiki energy gets more polished when people choose to have additional sessions of attunements. With every session, their energy, level of mental awareness and consciousness boosts up and becomes stronger.

Why Is It So Cool to Be a Reiki Practitioner?

Why Is It So Cool to Be a Reiki Practitioner?
1.You channelize external energy and thereby you don’t have to get tired

From the very initial level Reiki teaches that it is a Universal energy and we are the channels. What does this actually mean? According to the terms of a layman, we are the channel to the purest form of positive energy that surrounds us. We don’t feel tired or drained out of energy after self-healing or healing someone else since it is an external energy.

2.Because of everyday self-healing, your chakras are open and balanced

When you practice Reiki on a regular basis involving your minor and major chakras right from your head to toe, the chakras are not blocked or over active. Instead they are well balanced and open and thereby keeping your life smoother in terms of physical and emotional.

3.You will enjoy better present and future as the Karma is cleaned

There are several means to clean our Karmas with the aid of Reiki. We can simply execute the Karma clearing act or call upon the angels. With the erase of negative karmas, the present and the future problems gets warded off and everything negative related to karma also gets nullified and thereby your life automatically becomes better.

4.Improvement in your psychic abilities

We all are blessed with extraordinary psychic abilities that are usually in the dormant state and we are unaware of the existence. With the practice of Reiki we become aware of our own selves and other things surrounding us. Infact, we also become aware of the blessings and the special powers that we are bestowed with and can even fine tune them. The level of my clairvoyance has increased after I started practicing Reiki.

5.Anything negative are out: related to negative people and toxic relations

We are always shielded against negative situations and people due to Reiki. It is helpful in filtering relationships in our lives that are of no use and also remove the enemies who don’t think good for us. There was a friend of mine who was in a very toxic relationship for quite a long time. She started training in Reiki and practiced it as well and healed her relationship. It was within 21 days when the person left her and she didn’t feel bad or depressed and finally felt free.

6.You are connected to the Universe

When you practice Reiki, you have to understand the signs from Universe that is displayed in the form of a name on the billboard or when something is said to you or any repetition of numbers in a certain sequential fashion. Some kind of sign is given to us while we ask for any question. We are also warned about some kind of danger and may be you will also come to know about the important threshold that you are going to come across in life. While I was working for a statistical firm in 2013-2014, I found out that most of my clients were students.

7.When Aura gets healed, the cords are removed

What do you know about Aura? It is the bio-magnetic energy field that surrounds our physical body. It is our Auras that interact with each other and thus we experience “love t first”. It is our Auras that fall in love first than us. When we interact with a lot of people there are chances that our Aura gets polluted with negative people and thus attract more negativity in life. Practicing Reiki on a regular basis can brush away negativities. Furthermore, cords are also not considered good for the people since they limit us from moving ahead. Cords can be available in between people and it restricts us to build better relationships. If you want to remove cords, you need to carry out Reiki on a daily basis.

8.Your wishes get manifested

Majority of our wishes get certified in Reiki if it is offered for our highest good. We get help in all the walks of our life like getting a good job or expanding a business, improved health and also helpful in day to day life. Reiki fulfills when you ask for any healing.

9.Helps you to connect with people from variable backgrounds

It is the distance power healing symbol that aids us to get connected with people in physical and spiritual levels. We can offer healing even at a distance place and get connected to higher beings like Ascend Master and Archangel Michael and help you in healing. You can also get connected to lower beings and help them to reach the light.

10.You can easily categorize between being spiritual and religious

You have to understand that Reiki is not a religion but a way of life. Reiki basically aids us in understanding our wants and needs and also develop an outlook towards ourselves and the world around. It helps us to explore our own viewpoint and makes us and our lives more meaningful.

11.You understand that death is a new beginning and not an end

Universe basically wastes anything and nothing ever dies actually. You have to understand that death is actually not an end but a new beginning. Our physical being is temporary and it is the soul that is of real existence. When we die the human form of body is left behind and go into a new level where we learn about life and become mature as a soul. For all those who already have acquired the experience in life lesson act as a guardian angel or spirit guide and assist people in the right direction.

12.Healing your own intention is important

You don’t need to have any crystal or rock salt to be associated with Reiki. If you want to use Reiki while travelling, you can make use of Chi ball which is just an option to try out for or else you can use it via your mind to the specific situation and thereby execute the healing process.

Reiki Symbols : History & Significance

The use of sacred symbols is a vital part in Reiki practice. These symbols are used as mediums for transferring i.e exchanging the Universal Life Force Energy. These symbols act as the central point wherein the Universal Life energy is reached through the medium of symbols to the one who practices Reiki and needs to heal him or others. The symbols increase the energy flow within the person which helps him to heal speedily.

Traditionally, Reiki symbols have originated from ancient Sanskrit language. Reiki symbols are sanctified; they are a part of spiritual practices such as Buddhism. Generally these symbols are passed onto the students by their Reiki masters in the second level of practice. There is a ceremony of passing of the Universal life Energy to the students by their masters is known as Attunement. When this legacy takes place, the metaphysical attributes of the Reiki symbols are entrenched within the student which gives them the power to use the Universal Life Force themselves. During the practice of Reiki or a treatment, the symbols are kindled to empowerment so that the individuals heal themselves or fulfil their purposes through it.

Reiki symbols are used to boost up a practitioner’s life and surroundings physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki functions like the reflex system in the human body reacting to the energy it gives and receives. During attunement or a treatment, the symbols respond highly during its use. The Reiki symbols are kindled to channelize more energy when one draws them.

Reiki for Abundance

Do you know what the main reason of monetary complications is? You may think it is your less educational qualification or your bad luck. That is not the absolute truth. You should search the reason inside you. It is said that people attract things they deserve. If you truly wish to have sufficient money, you throw a vibration to the cosmos and money comes to your life to meet your need. Now, if your subconscious mind believes that money is for few lucky people and it will be hard to gain, you obstruct the stream of money into your life. Your financial prosperity is blocked by your faiths and thoughts about lack which has penetrated deep down of your mind. There are many people who believe the path of getting money and leading a successful life is full of struggle.

You should know that there is no need to work hard to defeat financial adversity. Rather you can be smart and gain monetary profusion and opulence.

Through the first two levels of Reiki, you can easily enter into the world of affluence and hail financial richness into your life.


There are some influential tools that help you to change your hard core beliefs about money. Affirmations are one of those. You can follow the following affirmations which can serve you the best. Note down into your journal after waking up at every morning and before sleeping at night.

Reiki and Health Benefits

Dr. Mikao Usui created awareness worldwide about the ‘Universal Life Energy’ Reiki which is a unique treatment for healing all physical illness and resolving all conflicts of life. This healing technique is done using natural energy which is called the Universal Life Force.

Reiki heals all problems whether physical or mental and brings stability in life of those who practice it as well as people living around them. Reiki masters are surrounded by the aura of this Universal energy which helps in resolving all the problems in lives of all individuals who rely on this powerful energy for healing purpose. The Reiki masters deals with and adopts various techniques to augment their power to heal. For example, they use Reiki & angel communication, Reiki & Laws of Attraction and Reiki along with Feng Shui to solve many difficulties.

Reiki has proved to be very beneficial for individuals. Reiki when combined with various other curative or medical therapies for enhanced recovery or for preventing illness or sufferings. To create a balanced life, emotional and physical well being, reduce mental pressure or rejuvenate from stress- Reiki is of a big help.

Nowadays, Reiki is used in various medical and health centers worldwide for corresponding conventional therapies due to its proven health benefits. When mutually used with the latest health care and medical facilities, Reiki has proved to produce outstanding results on the overall health of the patients mentally and physically.

Reiki can be practiced regularly as treatment for improving the overall health of an individual and bring stability and peaceful state of mind helping individuals to cope up with mental pressure, to prevent mood swings and keep anger in control.

Health benefits of Reiki includes improving of the immunity system, reducing mental strains & emotional distress, relieving pain and act as a speeding catalyst to recover from an illness or surgery. It enhances the practitioner to enhance inner peace and intuitive abilities along with better spiritual clarity. Reiki also helps to improve blood flow within the body and increasing the energy levels and also aids in better sleep. It also gears up self esteem and more confidence of individuals who practice Reiki diligently.

Reiki has also proved to heal pets effectively. Animals respond well to Reiki and pet therapy. One can consult a Reiki expert or professional without any hesitation if he or she is interested in a safe natural treatment for recovering from their mental & emotional state or from an illness.

How Reiki Helps the Health Concerns

When the main concern is “Reiki and Health”, there are certain common questions people often ask:

  • How does Reiki deal with health issues?
  • Is it possible to cure illness through Reiki?
  • Is Reiki treatment a substitute for medicinal treatments and drugs?
  • Are there any special techniques in Reiki that eradicate health problems?

These are some of those frequently asked questions that Reiki professionals face whenever confronts a new client.

Practically, there are no clear answers of these questions. The medicines, you consume for a particular disease, are clinically proven. There is no doubt that those are effectively made in order to manage that particular kind of physical ailment.

Reiki deals beyond the body. In this style of treatment, the vital point is to heal the manifold dimensions of our survival. Our physical entity is just a part of this multi-dimensional presence. According to the greater theory, human beings are the part of acute universal energy. We are aware of the fact that if any kind of imbalance disturbs the easy flow of energy, it creates repercussion on our physical, mental and emotional health. Reiki practices only give us the knowledge of this vast existence. Maybe these truths are not yet get the scientific confirmation, but, whenever we feel the energy in us that comes through Reiki, we realize the everlasting truth of this treatment.

Let’s talk about the health issue in Reiki. Still now, we can’t provide any scientific evidence that Reiki does when it deals with any kind of health troubles. It is also true that is any such research is done; we are not sure about the success rate of the Reiki protocols to manage physical illness. And the reason behind this is that every person is different from the other and their karmic pattern are also unique than any other person.

Reiki is often regarded as a setup of alternate healing. In reality, it is something more than that. Healing your physic is just one part of the total healing process. Therefore, Reiki can be a supportive measure along with necessary medical setup to cure you completely. But this doesn’t mean that Reiki is not important. Rather its importance lies in the fact that Reiki shakes the root of your physical imbalance. As professional Reiki practitioners, we are ever ready to provide the utmost help at your problems. So, why delay to start the process? Take our hand of friendship and allow Reiki to heal you in way you need it the most.

What is the most important advantage of following Reiki treatment? This process has no enmity with any kind of medical healing course. Medicines have their own importance and also essential for your physical body. This kind of thoughts lead us to provide you the utmost benefits of Reiki, like healing you regularly with Reiki, balancing your energy, and yielding to the loving care of Reiki.

Now, if anyone asks you how Reiki can facilitate them to heal health problems, advise them that “Reiki is the way”. We just need to practice self healing at regular basis and take help from Reiki to do the rest along with necessary medical assistance.

How Karmic Healing Is Related to Reiki

Whenever we hear about the word, ‘Karma’, it feels us with a negative implication. This is generally connected with misery and pain. There are people according to whom; Karma is a punishment for their sins. And this punishment is implied by the Almighty or some higher authority, who makes the guidelines of rights and wrongs. In case of children, they are afraid of the results of their misdeeds and this fear set the root into deep down of their mind.

Simultaneously, we also believe that if a person be good at his lifetime and only do good things; he is subjected to good Karma. Inevitably, he will be rewarded for his wonderful deeds.

It is true that there are some validity of karmic principles and laws. But none should be afraid of it, because literally, there is none who is counting our actions and make a list of so called good and bad things to award or punish us.

We are Responsible for Our Reality

Our Karma is Our Actions

May be you don’t take it in this way, but the ultimate fact is that we are the one who are responsible for our reality. Not only this time, but also from the beginning of our existence. At every incarnation, human beings move from the state of unconsciousness to sheer consciousness and create their individual karmic patterns. Sometimes those are positive, sometimes negative. It is created by our connection with ourselves and others and also with the whole universe. It is tough to believe that we are responsible for every state we go through, specifically when we passes through adverse situations like serious illness or some abusive incidents where we don’t have any faults, apparently. However, you can’t ignore the fact that power brings responsibility. If you’re enough responsible towards your life and deeds, you get the power to eradicate negativities from your life. Otherwise, if you blame others, there is no way out of getting free from the karmic loops.

Kinds of Karma

There are certain kinds of karma. Those are as follows :

  • Individual Karma – A karma that is related to every individual. It deals with the struggle of an individual with relationships, health issues, financial issues and many more.
  • Collective Karma – In this case, a group of known or unknown people share the outcomes of certain karma, maybe done by them or an individual. For example, the war victims, casualties of accidents or any other unfortunate incidents, etc.
  • Ancestral Karma – Here the karmic pattern goes through generations. This category includes any kind of genetic illness, history of miscarriages, deaths at early age, violence, anger, abuse, worthless relationships, etc.

Karma of individual teaches us a lesson. As soon as we learn it, the pattern is dropped away automatically and our karma is repaired. The process is not that much easy as it seems. Analyzing the gesticulation of karma can be startling. Whatever, it is not important to know the karmas of our past lives or even count everything we’re doing in our present life to mend karma.

People often ask whether Reiki has any effects on karmic pattern. Recent development has proved that there are certainly some positive impacts of Reiki on karmic healing. You don’t need to do something very special to repair your karmic issues with Reiki. You just capitulate yourself to the energy and float in the flow of Reiki. It is important to remember that when you heal you are free from your karmic issues. But, the other persons, who are involved with you for their karma, are not healed as well.

How Reiki Helps to Heal Karmic Issues

  • Through the processes of Reiki, we open up to the divinity to consume energy and power in our body. Thus, our awareness quotient increases a lot. We get to know how to limit our lives, which is the most crucial step to heal our karmic issues through Reiki.
  • Reiki solves issues at cellular level and heats the main cause of every problem. Through Reiki, it is possible to awake the memories and patterns of our mind from past, even from other lives. Thus, it creates opportunities to deal with those problems where you don’t need to be aware of the exact incidents.
  • Do you wish to see your past lives’ for perfect karmic healing? With Reiki, it is possible. It takes us to the accurate sources and leaders who can help us to move backward in time and heal.
  • As you levels up in Reiki, you can attain automatic healing at each level. When an individual achieves the Master Level, he can expect a great healing from much karma. The healing process can be continued after Master Level if it is necessary for larger purpose or any greater global cause.
  • Through Reiki, an individual can get Divine refinement in his life. The touch of divinity is needed to make the karmic healing process easy along with making your path of life smooth.
  • While healing ancestral karma through Reiki, you not only deal with your karmic issues, but also try to heal the family tree. Your one correct decision to heal karmic patterns not only help you but also your family before and after you.

There is no doubt to make Reiki as an important part of our lives. Let devote ourselves to the divine energy and allow the process to show us the right way. Reiki can light up our inner beauty to make us understand that we’re actually responsible for our deeds. When you complete the levels you will feel that you have awaken up from sleeping, refreshed and relieved. Laugh out loud as your problems are solved from the root.