What Is Intention And How Is It Used In Reiki To Heal You

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Whenever we do anything or think of doing anything that is the outcome of the intention which is created initially in our mind. The intention is the father of all thoughts, words and activities that we perform in our life. Not only that, but me having intentions, we let people come to our life and make situations happen, sometimes even without knowing. It is important to know the importance of intentions in Reiki treatment for energy healing and the betterment of our lives.

What Is Intention?

Before knowing the importance of intention in Reiki, you should have some idea about it. When you inform the greatest power of the Universe what you want to do with your life, you are setting your intention. The funny thing is, you are not even aware of it. We are not talking about intention that is consciously made. But, it is the sense to understand that you are the one who is sole responsible for your life and how your life will be. Initially, it may sound fretful, but, once you absorb the idea you will feel great.
Intention is not like making any wish and waiting for the fulfillment of it. While creating any intention you are acknowledging the energy flow between you and the divine power. By setting intention you are accepting the energy to a state where your perceptions, words and deeds are forwarded only to make your intention to be accomplished. While setting an intention, you are actually setting your role in the type of life you want.

When to Set Intention?

Reiki practitioners often ask their clients what intention they would like to set for their life. This question itself uplift the mood of the patients as if they get chance to share how they want to spend their life. This is to open your possibilities to make your life better than usual. You can consult any Reiki practitioner to start intention setting and also you can do it own. There is no specific time to practice intention setting. You just need to be clear on what you want and follow some simple techniques which will help you to get betterment in life.

Tips to Set Intentions Perfectly

Setting intentions is nothing serious and difficult. You can do it by yourself by following these simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Be Specific
    • It is not right way to make vague desires. For example, instead of making an intention “I need more money” you should specify that “I need this amount of money within a specific time by hard work”. Once you make your intention clear, the entire Universe acts upon this more quickly.
  2. Aspire for Better
    • Often we are aware for what we are destined and we deserve. While making any intention, if we always aspire for a thing and also anything better than that, the Supreme Power will make us receive what we actually deserve but don’t know about it.
  3. Be Direct
    • While setting an intention you should assume that you already have what you want. Though it is not quite logical, still it is direction indication to the Universe that how much you want it. You have feel, somewhere within you, that it is possible to get what you really want.
  4. Never Utter the Word ‘Don’t’
    • Whenever you utter “I don’t want”, the Universe listens “I want it”. This happens because in the Universe, the word “don’t” doesn’t exist.
  5. Take Small Steps
    • You want a great job and set intention for that. Now, if you don’t make steps to achieve it, your intention may not come true. Take small steps to manifest your intention and let the Universe do its thing.