Knowing More About The Science Of Dowsing

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The act of dowsing dates back to the ancient times. It is a really very fine tool which helps you to amplify much intuitive information along with many other important things. It is the ability with which you can obtain information beyond the range of all your five senses. It is the common belief of most of the dowsers that they can gain information about the past and present from anywhere.

There are a few important factors that need to be considered while dowsing. They are the tools, the method of programming the tool, getting the permission to dowse, asking the question as well as the response and information which comes as a result of dowsing. The material with which the tool is made is considered to be immaterial. The tool makes a visible response when the dowser asks any question.

The tool is programmed in such a way that it gives out a response, either an yes or a no according to the answers of the conscious mind, subconscious mind as well as the dowsing tool. You can compare the movement of this tool to a pendulum where you may consider the clockwise rotation to be positive and the anti clockwise rotation to be negative.

You must always ask for permission before dowsing. You need to consider a few things while you are dowsing and those are, the appropriate time, and proper perfection. You need to ask these questions so that you can get assured while dowsing. Many people come up with questions like whom do I ask these questions. The answer is that I seek permission from the almighty Nature Creator and he shows us the correct path. The nature creator has many synonyms like the one, the Universal Mind, super conscious mind or the energy power of the whole world.

This whole thing is a vicious circle. Whenever I ask any question to my conscious mind, it gets directed to the subconscious state of the mind and then it accesses information from the super conscious state of our mind which is finally transferred to us through the medium of subconscious mind. There are many things that are controlled by our subconscious mind like the action of our involuntary muscles. This, in turn, helps the dowsing instrument to move and it gives a visible “read out” for the information that I demand.

Everyone is attracted to learning about different energies in the earth, the human energy field as well as the fact how it affects the health of a person. Dowsing is the perfect tool with which you can locate and work with these energies.

Every energy is not beneficial to the humans and the human energy fields. With the help of dowsing, you can get to know which energies will have benefits for you and which energies are detrimental. You may also ask for the time limit the individual can remain in a particular location. There are many detrimental electromagnetic fields which generate due to the underground streams, fractures and faults on the surface of the earth and from various man-made sources like the high power lines, TV sets, transformers, microwaves, and many more.

Dowsing helps you to identify and locate where these zones are cutting through the house or the working site. A research has been conducted by Sri Kamal Principal Dowser,   which shows that these non beneficial energies cause the depletion of human energy field or the aura and reduces it within a few inches in the physical body. The auraic field of a healthy person ranges up to several inches in the body. Many more research has been conducted by Sri Kamal, in India   regarding the noxious zones and the correlation between them. The zones can be cleared with various remedies and they do not affect plants, animals, people or any appliances now.

Whenever I go to someone’s house for noxious zones, I always ask for a hand drawn map so that I can dowse the information beforehand. I can feel the presence of other energies present in the site. There may also be negative influences that I can feel. Negative influences refer to those thought forms or energies which have elemental intelligence and they affect the people negatively and hamper their ability to become express their own self.

One thing that you need to know is that Geopathic stress is a very common phenomenon and you must not panic about it at all. There are a few warning signs of this, which include a normal illness occurring to healthy people. This is more common when they are moving in to a new house. They are afraid of something or they have a feeling of coldness in some of the rooms. They wish to go back badly and remain tensed all the time. There is something that keeps haunting them. If put together in a sentence, geopathic stress refers itself as a disease which apparently has no reason for it. There are various geopathic stress related illnesses like heart diseases, cancer, multiple sclerosis, paralysis depression, allergy attacks or virus attacks, tumour, fatigue syndrome, slip disk, repeated surgery and illness from any other disease and these should be taken as warning about the possible geopathic stress.

Dowsing is the perfect tool if you wish to evaluate the conditions of the human energy fields. Sri Kamal Principal Dowser, considers that there are many imbalances that occur in the human energy system (chakra, aura, meridians and many more). If they are not cured properly, then that may lead to various kinds of diseases. It is extremely necessary to keep a balance in the human energy fields so that the health and fitness of a person is maintained perfectly. A perfect well being helps you to cope up with the stress of daily life.