Clearing Past Issues with Reiki Meditation

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Being a human, we all have one or the other issue, quarrel or some unhealthy incident in our past which bothers us and what we do for them, is we just dump them in some corner of our brain by saying, let it go. All such type of issues are always stored somewhere in our subconscious mind and of course they affect our energy.  I would like to share that these types of the past issues just drain out our energy.

Unconsciously, we live with our past by leaving some fragments of our aura in the past and making our aura withered. We all know the physical body can get harmed a lot with a withered aura.  Any outside agency can enter our body and rule us. We become the puppets in hands of negative thoughts and we may have to suffer many diseases (dis –ease). Honestly, I would like to add, we ourselves are responsible for all such type of unhealthy affairs.

These issues are nothing but a web woven by us all around us and we are the mosquito between it, others, our so called well wishers act like a spider sucking our positive energy and inducing negative energy into our system. We become a platform, where a train laden with negative thoughts arrives, rests for sometime and then departs, leaving debris there. This is up to us how to deal with such incidents in our life. These are the very small tests put before the reiki healers which they have to pass through to move towards the path of purity. Reiki plays a very important role to enhance our intuitive power so we should use our intuitions to solve all such issues.

I did have a worthless issue which I took on my heart and had many unseen and unhealthy problems. I noticed a decrease in intensity of my healing power. I became introvert, wanted to run away from the people. I want to thank my teacher who always shows me the right path and insists me to meditate. Definitely after some time I  just gave up the past issue by saying let it go, but I noticed it was not suffice as it has some roots in deep my mind.  Here I would like to share my view that, only giving up the issues is not sufficient, but clearing of the issue is must. If you cannot clear the issue face to face with the concerned person, Meditation is the best way. I am sharing a method of meditation to clear your past issues.

Method Of Meditation To Clear Your Past Issues.

  • Play Buddha chant or Om chant as background music.
  • Clean the aura of your room & then your aura.
  • Sit in Padmaasan or on a chair with your spine straight.
  • Close your eyes, take three long breath and relax.
  • Feel the breath inhaling and exhaling from the body, have a count on your breath.
  • Now you will feel you lost the count, no surroundings and as if you are not in the body, this is the state when you can talk to  your innerself  (antaraatma)
  • Meditate on the issue for which you want to clear.
  • See yourself in beautiful white dress along with the person with whom you have.
  • Some problem, he or she is looking handsome/pretty in purple dress.
  • Draw HSZSN, SHK, CKR on the whole situation, masters can use DKM also.
  • Speak aloud I want to clear so and so issue with so and so person.
  • Say sorry, shake hands and have a healthy talk about the issue, shake your head a little to throw out all the negativity. Feel you both are very happy sharing a chocolate.
  • Feel as if whole atmosphere is blossoming with lotus, inhale the essence of lotus.
  • Seal with CKR.
  • Rub your both hands softly, put on eyes, to give the positive energy generated from the body. Now slowly open your eyes with a broad smile on your beautiful face to  see the beautiful world around.
  • Say thank you.

You have done it beautifully. You will see a remarkable change in your behavior after clearing the issue. Your angle to see the world will be entirely different now. This meditation will also help you to strengthen your heart chakra. Ten minutes of this meditation will help you to live your karmas blissfully.


Article By Sri Kamal, Reiki Grand Master