How to Remove Unwanted Individual from Your Soul

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To cleanse your soul and to attain a successful life, you need to eliminate any unwanted influence from your soul.

In your path of life, you meet several persons who create only negative impact on your spirit. Deleting them from your system is the only way to attain success and peaceful life. For that, you need to attain the perfect procedure. With the decline of waning moon, you need to find out a peaceful place where none will disturb you.

While starting the process, you may remind of many persons who have only discouraged you and pull downward. Start with removing one person at a time. If you try to remove more persons together, your concentration can be broken and that will only waste your energies. You should know that the entire procedure is time consuming and you need to take time as much as you want.

You should ask yourself about the connection. Finding out the mutual connection is very important so that you can figure out the attachments at chakras. It is very important to find out the attachments and if you fail to do so, you need to serve your influences to your chakras to make sure that all bad influences have been completely removed.

1) Affirmation Is Needed

Utter to yourself “I am now removing all ties (name of the person) to my soul, totally, permanently and completely”.

You shouldn’t make any hurry while attaining this process of self-healing. You need to visualize an astral saw, sword, knife or any cutting weapon you are comfortable with. Now, start cutting down all the connections from your chakra, one at a time. While dislodging the connections, you should chant the vibrating mantra ‘TH’ continuously and also concentrate on the vibration while severing the connection. You should breathe in slowly and visualize the white light around you. Make your ‘will’ strong enough to dismiss the other person’s will.

In case of love obsessions or other strong connection, the process of severing will be hard enough; but you should make your will strong enough to remove the last trace of the connections. After severing, seal each chakra with light and energy. Preferably, you should seal it with white or gold light so that there remains no chance to reconnect the bond with that person.

2) Cleansing Must be Done

Once you are done with severing all those bad influences of unwanted persons in your life, this is the time to cleanse your aura.

3) Seal Your Aura

The next step is definitely sealing off your aura. You should visualize a bright white light like the Sun. White light is able to deflect and repel. Now, again you need to affirm in your soul:

“My aura is constantly and continuously deflecting and repelling all of (name of person’s) energies in every way”.

4) Recite Satanic Rosary

This is the seed mantra of the Sun. Reciting it will remove any chances of reattachment with the person you are removing from your chakra. There are two Sun mantras, used in the process. You can choose any of those. But, once you select a mantra, don’t change it in between the process. The two mantras are-




If you choose the second one, don’t forget to emphasis on the ‘R’.

Apart from this, there is another type of attachment; it is known as ‘Psychic Vampirism”. In this process one person attaches himself/herself to another soul. Once a person attaches h/herself to the host’s chakra, the energy of the host drains. In Psychic Vampirism, an individual may not get involved in the relationship and h/her aim is only to drain energy of the host to make h/her own soul stronger.

No matter the vampire is near or far, it keeps on draining host’s energy and eventually, h/she becomes weak as the individual’s energy is revitalizes from the host person. This parasite or vampire can be strangers or known person and even anyone from close friends or family members.