Reiki Healing and Good Thought to Improve Your Karma

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‘ Karma ’- this is the base of human’s life. Though many people may not understand the real meaning of karma, but it is the guiding force of their life. In different people’s life, karma is different. Before delving more into the connection between karma and Reiki, one should know more about the real meaning of karma.

What Is Karma?

Karma means what you really thought and how you executed your thoughts into your deeds. People with good karma always think well for others and they tend to act perfect in all situations, no matter how ups and downs the situation is. They can’t think of hurting people or cause any harm to them. Rather, they avoid the situation and forgive the guilty person. This is an act that brings more positivity and good karma in their life.

When people think of harming others or there are any negative thoughts they nourish in their mind for others will lead them into having turbulent mind and their karma is affected in a negative way. It is truly said that whatever you do is your karma and it returns to pay you back. In your life, this way or that, you have to face the result of your karma.

How Reiki Helps to Improve Your Karma?

With bad karma in your life, you can’t get good results. You have to suffer in future. Therefore, it is always better to concentrate on good karma just by thinking good for others and also act accordingly. To improve your karma, you should be grateful of the life you have got and be contented about it. You can improve your karma and get an amazing life through Reiki.

What does a Reiki professional do? Actually, he/she is responsible for adding positive energy to the mind of a person during a session. The more positive energy will enter into the person’s body, it will break the negative energy in the person’s body; establish a clear path so that more positivity can flow relentlessly into the person’s body. Once you have gone through the Reiki treatment, you will feel how beautiful and better you feel after the session. This happens because the cells and organs are energized with positive energy and perform better.

Often people get afraid of trying Reiki as they think it may harm their body. But, that is not possible with Reiki. According to the professionals, through Reiki treatment it is possible to know what exactly a person needs. Therefore, the flow of energy can be adjusted according to the person. Initially, at the beginning days of the session, an individual may require more energy and with the ongoing session, their need may get limited. With Reiki, the flow of energy can be controlled according to the need of the person.


So, if you are being disturbed by the bad karma, it is the time to visit a Reiki professional where you can be treated to get rid of the effects of bad karma and turn you to have more good karma. It is difficult to change the thought process of a person, but with Reiki, you can at least take your first step towards positivity.

Sri Kamal- Reiki Grand Master