Cure the infections and keep away evil spirits with Amber crystals

Amber or Baltic Amber is a widely known crystal that has an old historical story behind its formation. The history of this crystal is as old as the history of this universe. Several decades ago, resins fossilized in the Scandinavian area, which is located near the Baltic Sea to form the Amber that you see today. This is widely used by the people of ancient culture to cure all kinds of health problems like stomach ache, goitre etc. Ancient Romans used to belief that this crystal can cure infections related to eye and ear, sore throat, swollen gland problems and mental disorders. Again, the Chinese use it to rejuvenate human body as well as boost vitality. It is also used as a tool to fight and keep away evil spirits. This gemstone is popular even till now for addressing the problems of teeth in children.

amber_hg Usually, Amber is known for having high succinic acid contents. This acid has the power of an anti-oxidant, which is widely known for increasing concentration and calming down frayed nerves. Teething necklaces can be made from this crystal and when worn, works effectively with the immune system of the body in order to offer complete relief from the pain. The presence of resin also helps in stimulating the glands of thyroid as well as reduces drooling.

There are some common purposes for which Amber is used widely. Firstly, the presence of succinic acid helps in soothing nerves and hence a perfect option for easing labor pain. As per the surveys, it has been seen that Amber helps to provide a strong support to pregnant ladies and encourages the production of breast milk. The adjustment of the post-partum hormone is also supported by this gemstone. Before conception, women are made to wear these necklaces.

On the other hand, Amber is known for having the properties of anti-inflammatory. When this stone is worn in the form of necklace, bracelet or finger ring, then it is known for containing all the required properties, necessary for easing the experience of pain caused due to rheumatism, aching joints and muscles and arthritis. This crystal can also help in balancing the presence of acids in human body.

Amber is also known for having high cosmetic advantages. Free radicals are present in Amber and they help in stopping harmful oxidant buildup. As an anti-aging product, this is a popular choice. Do you know how to determine the value of a gemstone? The most prized gemstones can be determined on the basis of the insects trapped inside them. The more clearly you can view the insects trapped inside, the higher will be its price. There are different types of Amber available and Russian Amber has become a popular as well as a common choice. You can get it easily from the Russian souvenir shops at cheap prices. Nowadays, fake crystals are also available widely and therefore while making the purchase you need to be very careful.

Article by Renowned Crystal Therapist Sri Kamal.


Now sleep well at night with Amethyst crystals under your pillow

Have you heard about Amethyst? This is a highly popular crystal that is known as the spiritual quartz, especially because of its numerous healing qualities. This is used widely by alchemical healers and it also assists in meditation. This premier stone comes in different shades of purple and available in variety of forms, shapes and textures. It has high energy vibrations, thus a perfect choice to be worn as necklace pendant, ring and bracelet. This stone is known for being the birthstone for those individuals who have born in the month of February. Since the ancient time, this gemstone is known for being worn for courage and protection. Russia, Europe, India, Brazil, and North America have huge deposits of amethyst.

amethyst-rough There are lots of benefits of Amethyst like it helps in enhancing the sense of calmness and relieves stress level. It is also a perfect choice for increasing self-esteem, intuitive and spiritual awareness. This is associated closely with the chakra and thus perfect for spiritual awareness. Moreover, it can guard you against physic attack and leads to peaceful sleep. 

This stone comes usually in mauve, lilac and purple color. The meaning of the word amethyst is derived from the Greeks. It means "without drunkenness" and helps to protect individuals from poison. This is widely known as a dream stone and helps in curing the problem of insomnia. You can keep it under the pillow to bring restful sleep. If rubbed on the forehead can provide relief from headache. This gemstone serves as a protection against fearful, guilty feelings and self-deception. For providing complete protection against black magic, this is an ideal stone. This is in use since ancient time as a powerful stone that helps in opening the physic and spiritual connection with the other world. If worn as a necklace, then it can aid in meditation.

This is also called Bishop's Stone and preferred by Catholic Bishops. Amethyst depicts spiritual wisdom, piety, sincerity and humility. This amazing crystal stone helps in increasing the focus of the mind. It can be worn by healers, molded in silver or gold ring and necklace. There is a process of healing with the use of this stone. In this case, the individual who need to be healed will hold an Amethyst, while the healer will keep another Amethyst crystal on the body area that requires healing. This stone can also be used for solving breathing and blood problems. The crystal clusters can be kept at home to maintain a positive and clean environment.

This crystal helps in increasing the activities of your right brain and develops the abilities of physic. At the same time it develops and strengthens intuition and helps in cutting through illusion. It also assists in channeling and healing along with the raising of human aspirations and thoughts to a higher level. It also helps to provide protection against thieves and burglars, and wards off violent death and danger.

Article by Renowned Crystal Therapist Sri Kamal.


Amazonite is a popular crystal found in USA, Madagascar, Brazil, Russia, Italy and Eastern Canada. Presently, the high quality Amazonite is found in the Colorado’s Pike's Peak. This is named after the Basin of Amazon because huge deposit of this stone has been found in Brazil. This gem has a vast historical background since the ancient Egyptian culture. A vivid and warm turquoise hue is exuded by Amazonite. Earlier, the color of this stone has been thought about a lot and now it is considered as erroneous. This can be more likely due to the traces of water and lead that are present inside this gem. This stone is presently known for its soothing effect on the body’s nervous system and brain. This helps in getting you relief from anxiety and fear. It also helps in enhancing courage. It helps in brining happiness in the married life of couples because personal anxiety can harm the bond of your relationship.

amazonite-gemstone-egg-madagascar-382 This crystal stone indirectly helps in eliminating the behavior of self- destructive, which causes when you cannot able to conquer your anxiety and fear. It is also an ideal option for your skin. Anxiety can accelerate the process of aging and outbreaks, Amazonite helps in relieving anxiety. Osteoporosis and prevention against tooth problems are some of the extra health benefits provided by this gem stone.  This is a relaxing and soothing treatment. Amazonite helps in relieving muscle and menstrual cramps.

Are you highly prone to stress? Do you get nervous with your work often? Well, then this crystal is certainly a great choice for you. Amazonite crystal healing is really very interesting and exciting and is widely preferred by individuals to cure several health problems. This is used in various places on the earth as one of the popular methods of curing physical problems without the use of any kind of medicine. The color of this stone varies from turquoise to light blue as well as available in light green shades. It has an energetic frequency which is very gentle and offers a soothing and calm feeling to the client for whom the session is conducted as well as the practitioner.

There are multiple options for using this crystal like placing it in the form of grid formation, healing physical problems, using with remedies based of elixir as well as attaching to pendants for long term affects. This stone can work for several issues like heart, solar plexus and chakra centers. Amazonite helps in enhancing the feminine and masculine qualities in women and men respectively, when function within the blockages present in the chakra centers. At the same time it also helps in restoring, self-respect, self-assurance, self-expression and self-confidence. Self-damaging behaviors can also be healed with Amazonite. If you are highly interested in creative works, then this stone can help you to enhance your creative ability as well as your personal intuition in order to channel your artwork through the spiritual power. It also helps in improving physic abilities, telepathy, communications and brain pathways.

Article by Renowned Crystal therapist Sri Kamal.

Feel the philosophical energies producing and fear reducing Black Tourmaline stones

The Black Tourmaline stones are mostly popularly known as schorl which is quite powerful in nature and provides strong pyroelectric effect. This kind of stone is mostly associated with philosophical thoughts and thus it helps in the facilitation of enlightment. This kind of stone is sometimes also known as guard stone as it helps in guarding all the positive energies of your body. This stone also leads to the effective preservation of all sorts of light energies which are quite essential for human life as your body mainly absorbs the maximum energy from the light energy. The ancient alchemists were well known of this fact as they used to create a perfect balance between the negative and positive polarity by means neutralization or transmutation. These ancient stones are having a lot of significances out of which most of them are known but there are still others which are yet to reveal. This kind of stones were being used by ancient magicians for creating different magical acts but those magical tricks are no more secrete to common people as everybody is well-aware of the benefits of this stone.

black-tourmaline These stones are also having great spiritual significances which are still getting used for the benefits of the modern human society. During the ancient days, people used to wear these stones for the sake of using the same as psychic shields and these stones are also quite helpful in preventing all sorts of adverse entities. Maximum people use this particular stone for getting protection from unwanted stress, eminent dangers, hostile or unknown environments, and travelling troubles. These stones are highly used in the effective absorption of the negative powers and energies for getting protected from negative spells and harmful radiations. It provides protection to the fields of auric energy against lower vibrations for the effective creation of strong fields of positive forces around all the energy bodies of earth. It helps to make a positive approach and though towards all the activities of life so that you can easily achieve success in your specified goals of life.

 It helps ion the enhancement of the concentration and intelligence levels and thus it is normally worn by some professionals like actors, musicians, artists, students, programmers, athletes, writers, or other related professional fields that highly demand for high level concentration, focus and sincerity along with will power. It also helps in developing self confidence and self motivation capabilities in these professionals. Spiritual awakening is always important for human beings which can be easily developed by means of wearing these precious gems. It also helps in the effective settlement of a proper balance between the root or base chakras. It develops utmost courage by the proper elimination or reduction of fear from human minds. It helps in maintaining proper brain balances by the complete elimination of different brain abnormalities like stress, depression, anxiety, anger, and many more.  

Article by Renowned Crystal Therapist Sri Kamal.

 Labradorite is known as a magician stone and belongs to the family of Feldspar. This crystal is widely used by clairvoyance and known for its power of healing. This stone was found in the year 1770 in the Labrador Peninsula of Canada. Norway and USSR also have huge deposits of this stone. This crystal has a lot of variety and each of them is known for its amazing power and magical healing capability. This crystal is widely recommended for individuals with zodiac sign Sagittarius, Scorpio and Leo. It ranges from bluish gray color to smoky black. It has iridescence of green and yellow.

labradoriteThis stone is widely preferred because it is known for having the power of healing health problems like hopelessness and anxiety. It helps to replaces the problem of depression in individuals with self-confidence and enthusiasm. At the same time it has the power to dispel and serves as a shield against negative influences. If your child do not have concentration power, it is better to make him wear a Labradorite finger ring. This can help in thought clarity and increase the focus of mind.

If you lack confidence and always suffer from insecurity, then this stone can provide you complete relief as well as boost up your level of confidence. At the same time it can make you creative so that you can get original solutions and ideas for various problems. In case you are suffering from conflicts, then wearing Labradorite necklace or bracelet can provide you with strength and perseverance. Are you overweight and looking for an easy method to reduce weight? Then, try out Labradorite stone today without the need of any second thought. The energies present in it can help to regulate and balance the rate of body metabolism. This stone is also called as Spectrolite and is semi –transparent and blue in color.

This magical gemstone is also known for being the darker side of the moon. It helps individuals to slow down anger and ego. This stone is said to have the power of revealing the negative areas in which every individual is engaged into; subtle mind games, power dramas etc. that are common in all kind of relationships. It enables to bring the hidden areas into light, thus helps in perceiving things in a much better way. This stone helps to encourage wisdom and knowledge, perfect for those nearing the plutonian or Saturn end return.

It also helps in revealing the inner abilities and talent of people, and thus helps in personality growth. This is known to be the darker portion of the moon as it helps to reveal that is present. But it does not become visible to the conscious mind without any reflection. On the other hand, it helps in enhancing the abilities of mind, patience, increase abilities of the body physic, prudence, rational thought etc. It can also be used for healing the functions of brain, stress and eye problems. This stone can be purchased from Vaastu Vigyan.

Article by Renowned Crystal Therapist Sri Kamal.

 Lapis Lazuli is a popular gemstone that is widely available in Chile, the United States and Soviet Union. They are significantly hailed from Afghanistan Mountains. This should be used only as a healing stone and thus is only recommended for a healer. This can be used with any other stone in order to cleanse and purify body parts. It has a high value of intensity and can simultaneously open several chakra centers. This should be performed with love in the core of the heart and wisdom in the soul.

337px-Lapis_lazuli_blockThis is a very ancient story and has lots of stories centralized around it. In fact, the Egyptians believe in burying this stone along with the dead bodies as it offers protection. This gemstone used to have even high value than gold for individuals who belonged to the ancient cultures. This is a powerful stone and when ones mediate or work with it, then it can bring the matters more clearly into the mind. It should be used with a lot of care. If you wear this gemstone in the form of ring, then it can help you a lot. It is considered as the symbol of Truth by the ancient Egyptians.

Lapis lazuli has mysterious energies and is widely preferred by those who wish to discover the mystic truth of the universe. You can usually come across this stone with those who predict future of individuals or occultists. It has connection to the heaven or cosmic energies. It is believed to offer protection to the wearer from different types of negative influences. The watery color of this gem helps individuals in purifying the lower energies and aligning the same with healthier and higher vibrations. The energy derived from this crystal enable individuals to express his truth in a much better way. It helps to increase intelligence and the scope of success in an individual. It activates an unshakable inner power and balance which is channelized to the ancient connections.

This amazingly beautiful gem has been the favorite choice for the mystics and royal families from the ancient time. The blue color of this stone depicts power, royal presence and mystery. It is also known as a feng shui stone and has positive vibes. Due to this quality, it is recommended by feng shui masters to individuals for keeping in the offices and homes. This gem carries deep wisdom power, powerful and pure water with calm and stillness that has the ability to negate the negative influences around you.

This stone resonate with the enlightenment and truth vibrations. The intense powerful blue stone helps in stimulation the gland of pineal and opening of the third eye. This is a very beneficial stone and is known for providing relive from negative thoughts, anger as well as frustration.   

Article by Renowned Crystal Therapist Sri Kamal.

 The Malachite stones are mostly well-known for the various kinds of useful health benefits which are needed for curing different human diseases. It helps to main a proper balance and harmony between the soul, mind and physical body of human beings. It also helps in the enhancement of the communication procedure throughout the entire body of the human beings. It helps in the promotion of rhythmic energy flow throughout your body and you will feel energetic. It helps in the effective prevention of all sorts of disharmonies from your body by means of eroding discordant energies. The wave-like motion of these stones helps in the creation of special alerts within your body and helps you to keep way from the disharmonies. One of the most important features of these specialized stones is that these stones help in the awakening of all the body cells and make them active and also detect the malfunctioning of the damaged cells.

Rough_Malachite_15955 In this manner, the healing power and capability of the bodies are increase and the immunity or disease preventing capacities are also boosted up to a great extent. By establishing a proper balance between mind and physical body, these stones help in the restoration of peace which leads to the effective regulation of all the basic human activities. These stones are also capable of extracting the negative powers from the bodies including the pollutants. They also provide proper protection to you from the harmful UV rays of the sun and also help in the clearing off the electromagnetic pollutions. The Malachite stones also lead to the activating and clearance of attunes and chakras for spiritual guidance. It also helps in the effective promotion of the unconditional love. It also leads to the promotion of risk taking and making changes by means of breaking all kinds of outworn norms and unwanted ties. This kind of specialized stone also helps in the development of the empathy feeling for others and also releases inhabitations.

 This particular stone also helps in the releasing of negative vibes and old traumas including the combating of dyslexia. This kind of protective stone helps in the development and boosting up of psychic abilities. Black and green colored Malachite helps in the effective releasing of the past and old traumas in a proper manner. The kundalini energies and hara lines are being regulated and balanced by means of using metallic brown colored Malachite. It also helps in the healing of cramps and also stabilized the mood swing issues in human beings. It also facilitates in regulating the periodical pains, menstrual disorders, and menopause and labor ability. It also helps in the boosting up of the immunity and nervous systems of human bodies.  It also helps in the effective reduction of the blood pressure along with the ailments of fractures, arthritis, asthma, swollen joints, travel sickness, epilepsy, tumors, pancreas, optic nerves, parathyroid, spleen and vertigo. It also extracts all the toxin elements from the body and helps in DNA.

Article by Renowned Crystal Therapist Sri Kamal.

Discover the varied benefits of the most precious gem stones of Red Carnelian

The Red Carnelian stones are normally considered as agate gemstone and these precious gem stones are having certain important features with different aspects. Some people consider these stones as quite lucky and peaceful life can be easily invited by wearing these stones in your fingers. These protective stones are quite useful in bringing inner peace in family and profession. These stones help in the proper maintenance of both personal and professional life all together. They help in the proper development of self-confidence, courage and eloquence which automatically assist you in leading an absolutely independent life style. These stones are also having innumerable health benefits which are really quite outstanding. Some of the chronic human diseases can be easily alleviated only by means of wearing these stones like any disease relating to kidneys and liver.

carnelian1 They also purify and cleanse the blood and promote the normal blood circulation activity within the human body. Proper blood circulation is highly needed for curing different human diseases. These stones also help in the development of strong and firm motivating power by the creation of courage, leadership and endurance. These stones are mostly useful in providing acute progress in the varied commercial and professional fields especially to the business entrepreneurs, builders, promoters and architects. Some of the professional sportsmen or athletics also wear these stones for getting success and progress in their professional careers. The Red Carnelian stones also contribute a lot in the enhancement of the brain and intelligence development which finally leads to the boosting up of the analytical skills along with the proper clarification of the human perceptions. It also provides strong protection against rage, resentment and envy.

It increases the concentration level of the professionals so that they can develop their creative abilities and can enhance their productivities. It can easily inject the emotional feeling of love by the effective replacement of the most negative thoughts and emotional patterns. It completely eliminates all kinds of destructive thoughts rather helps you to enhance your creative abilities to a great extent. These stones also help you to improve your sexual life by increasing your sexual fertility so that you can easily satisfy your partner on bed. These stones are highly powerful in attracting peace, luck, prosperity, wealth and other valuable resources that can make you reach to the top of success.

These stones are also having a great astrological significance to the people and they are mostly worn by those people who have taken their birth under the impacts of sun signs with either Virgo or Taurus signs. At the time of purchasing these stones you must also collect valuable information about the cleansing and maintenance of these stones. In most of the cases, those jewelers or some dealers that are selling these kinds of precious stones to you provide an instruction booklet from where you will be able to recognize the proper ways of cleaning and maintaining these stones n order to enhance the longevity of these stones.

Article by Renowned Crystal Therapist Sri Kamal.

Restore back harmony and trust in your relationship with Rose Quartz

Do you think that crystals have only healing power? If so, then you are wrong. Of course, they have effective healing power, but at the same time they can be used for several other purposes which are usually overlooked. Crystals are widely used as an important component of feng shui. It helps in channelizing and promoting the positive energies in you as well as around your workplace or home. Have you heard about Rose Quartz? This is a widely popular crystal that not only has high power of healing but also serves as a love stone.

Rose Quartz This beautiful stone is commonly considered as a love stone as it helps in promoting love. This is a delicate crystal that comes in various shades of pink. This is a highly desirable and recognizable crystal among the wide array of stones available in the market. It is the only stone that is known for inspiring friendship, trust and love. So, if you are engaged in a relationship or married and wondering the best gift for your better half on her upcoming birthday, then certainly no other option can be better than this stunning and dazzling gemstone. It can also bring a huge effect in the environment of your home, especially in the bedroom.

On the other hand, if you are a single and ready to get mingle, then opt for a rose quartz ring or bracelet. It can also be worn in the form of necklace or any other form of jewelry. This stone serves as a powerful enhancer of love. If you are lonely in your life and desperate for a partner, then place this crystal in the bedroom of your home. You can also place it in any other room, provided that it is facing the south west area. When you are using crystals as a love enhancer, then it is always ideal to place them in pairs.

Are you married? Do you think that the love in your relationship is not like before anymore? If so, then you can go for placing two crystals of rose quartz in your bedroom, wrapped in a pink cloth or a pink bowl. This will help to restore the love in both of you and also maintain a lovely environment in your house. This can also be used as an element to regain harmony and trust in a relationship.

This is a nurturing crystal that helps in fostering forgiveness, gentleness, kindness, compassion, tolerance and reducing stress level. On the other hand, it can also increase your self-worth and self -confidence. It can also balance the emotions in individuals and removes fear. At the same time, Rose Quartz heals emotional traumas and wounds, bringing calmness and peace in life. This is a perfect stone for removing the feelings of avarice and jealousy. It encourages self-love, heals childhood traumas and increase inner awareness. It can work well with reconciliation and mediation with family.

Article by Renowned Crystal Therapist Sri Kamal.

Tiger Eye is such a special kind of gem stone whose appearance and color combination clearly resembles with the tiger’s eyes. The mystical properties of these stones are quite recognized to all. It has been believed that these stones have been created with the partial sun’s power and partial earth’s power. There are many people who belongs from the Christian community believe strongly in the power of these stones as they believe that these stones are capable of attracting luck and wealth with their powerful abilities. This kind of empowerment stones were being used by the militaries during the ancient period for gaining courage and protection. These stones are also capable of providing some special qualities which are highly useful for human life like focus, determination and patience. Some people believe that these stones help them to achieve their thoughts and dreams into reality. These stones are best suited to the serious and dedicated spiritual students as they provide enough mental strength to face any kind of challenges and tough situations.

Tiger eye These stones are also required in the healing up of different human issues including procrastination, anxiety, ADD and many more. These stones are also quite important in the effective handling of the love and marriage affairs. It also boosts up the will power and mental strength of human beings. This particular stone is called the stone of desire and it helps in fulfillment of different human desires. This kind of deep brown colored gem stones are having string stabilizing and grounding effects. These kinds of stones mainly create a perfect combination and connection of stabilizing and grounding of all earth’s practical energies.  It helps in the quick recovery from different setbacks and helps in reaching the actual intensions of the heart. It helps to make your visions successful by overcoming the entire probable obstacles and difficulties. It helps to face any kind of tough situations and challenges for reaching to your specified goals.

 If you are intending to have huge financial and professional success in your life, then these kinds of stones are the best choice for you. These stones are mostly associated with peace, prosperity, success and abundance which are desirable by all people. It helps in the building up of inner power by means of increasing the personal power and inner confidence. It also helps in the balancing and healing of the solar Plexus. It leads to the effective management of the mental levels along with the stabilization of the emotional thoughts of human beings. It also helps in the development of psychic and intuition abilities in human beings. You must know proper details about the maintenance and cleaning methods of these stones. If you are not aware of this fact then in that case you can either take the help of any online article or any gem jeweler for the concerned purpose. If you want to fulfill your desires without much effort, then you can wear these stones. The crystals are specially energized by our expert.

Article by Renowned Crystal Therapist Sri Kamal.

Enjoy and feel the positive powers provided by the oldest Tourquoise gem stones

The Tourquoise stones are having both medicinal and astrology oriented benefits.  This is one of the oldest gems which highly represent the truth and wisdom. The saggirittians consider these stones as their birth stones. This kind of secondary gemstone is mainly used for purification and it is opaque in shape. These stones are comprised of hydrous copper based aluminum silicate which is also found in microcrystalline nodules. It has been scientifically proved that these kinds of stoners are having different health benefits which are really quite useful for human beings.

turquoise It normally provides a protection shield against different kinds of dreadful human diseases. It leads to the regeneration of the body tissues and helps in the effective strengthening and ailment of the body. These stones are highly useful for solving different acute skin issues which can never be solved by any expert dermatologist. Other problems which are being encountered or treated by these useful gems include throat problems, headaches, and anorexia, breathing problems, asthma, dental problems, hearing problems, infections, and increased blood pressure. It also helps in the improvement of the throat chakras which facilitates the communication skills. It also provides proper knowledge and wisdom in order to bring peace and prosperity in life by means of taking good decisions.

These stones help in providing full freedom from different kinds of additions like alcohols, smoking and many more. Not only that, they also help in the detoxification from pollution, poison, x-ray radiation and others. It also helps to solve all kinds of ingestion problems by alleviating the acidity, viral and gout infections and other forms of stomach problems. It also facilitates in the proper digestion of the plant and animal proteins which helps in the prevention of unwanted acidity. It also invites proper mental clarity and stability in human beings for enhancing different kinds of intellectual tasks. The astrological advantages of this particular stone are almost known to all and if you are interested to know about the same, you can make approach to any astrologer or can refer to any astrological site.

 It is believe that the changing color of this stone signifies or symbolized the illness or death. In the past 13th century, people used to believe strongly that wearing of these kinds of stones can definitely save them from different problems especially falling from horses. This kind of stone extracts all the negative thoughts and helps to gain utmost peace, prosperity and good fortune. It can even save you from any kind of accidents and violence acts. The ancient people used to believe that these stones can easily absorb all sorts of negative energies within themselves for the welfare of the society people. This kind of stone is equipped with some special natural powers by means of which it provides healing and grounding facility. It helps to stop anxiety and provides peaceful and cool minds to human beings. Self realization can be easily gained by means of wearing the Tourquoise stones.

Article by Renowned Crystal Therapist Sri Kamal.