Dr Anuprita D G

Words are not enough to thank KAMAL SIR .He guided me about my house vastu .His reiki sessions were amazing and relieved me from my long standing hand pain .He is a good counselor ..It would not be fair on my part if I dont mention ASHA Mam who is a very loving person .May […]

Dr.Vinod Kamat

“At first I was skeptical about Reiki and it`s benefits( being a Dr.), but now, Not only did I feel very relaxed as soon as I stepped through the door, I came away feeling more relaxed than I have ever felt before. . I will definitely be booking myself again at Sri Kamal for Reiki […]

Rathik Raman

Sri Kamal`s approach in Vastu is highly appreciable as he does not compromise on the wishes of the client but goes strictly by the laws of the nature and the science of Vastu. I have heard of miracles but never experienced it by visit of Sri Kamal and guidance he gave. I have seen life […]

Sarabjit Singh

It has been an eye opening experience with Kamal Sir . A genuine person and a great guide who is willing to walk that extra step in order to put you at ease. My experience with him on the professional and personal front has been very enriching and feel blessed to have his companionship. Wish […]

Anand Kakarla

Simply wonderful and practical advice from the bottom of the heart by Kamal sir. Thank you Kamal sir, really soul filling experience. I Would strongly recommend who need timely advice at critical junctures to consult Kamal sir. Thank you.


  I got the contact details of Sri Kamal online and was very happy to have got an appointment immediately and not like the others who had asked me to wait for 6 moths for a similar appointment. His guidance in regards to vastu issues were very simple and effective. The Reiki I received was […]


I reached out to Shri Kamal for Vaastu for my house and then was later Introduced to Reiki by him . Shri Kamal quickly suggested easy to implement Vaastu solutions which worked greatly in very short time .Then for my personal development he suggested Reiki which again helped me personally to grow as a person […]


I approached Sri Kamal for my many problems not one. I saw the reviews on JUSTDIAL.com and approached him firstly had doubts put into my mind for Vaastu of my house by me friends. I started calling vastu experts for solution of my problems. since 1.5 years had taken constancy of many experts, with problems […]


First of all, Thank you Sir Sri Kamal Ji for all your support and guidance, which was an eyeopener for me and my family. I have approached many astrologer and Reiki Masters for my problems. Almost everyone since 2 years , who ever came on Kannada TV channels. Spent huge amount of money, with no […]


Sri Kamal Ji is loving and patient Reiki Teacher; I have taken my Level 1and 2. He has a beautiful way of teaching Reiki with high integrity . Sri Kamal is also a powerful facilitator for healing. Sri Kamal is also a very intuitive light worker . I recommend Sri Kamal Ji to anyone who […]