Healing Workshops in India

Reiki Level 1 & 2

reikirays workshopReikiRays.in gives a 1on1 interactive training sessions to interested candidates. Reiki level 1 & 2 trainings are for those individuals who have a strong desire and intention to help themselves as well as others are welcomed to join the beginner level classes. Class timings are quite flexible and duration is 8 hours. One can call or email for admission.
contact Inclusions

  • Introduction to the history, purposes and impacts of Reiki
  • Instructions on self treatment
  • Giving and receiving Reiki treatment
  • Receiving initial degree of Reiki attunements

This training teaches individuals about the Reiki symbols, how to use them with specific usage to enhance the Reiki energy and help in healing process. It also teaches how to scan and beam Reiki, work with Chakras and how to be grateful to Reiki energy.

Reiki Level 3 - Advanced Reiki Training (Art) Certification

reikirays workshopIndividuals interested in Reiki III A i.e ADVANCED LEVEL must be a Reiki II level practitioner. And must have a desire and intention to help others and want self-improvement..

reikilevel3-contact Inclusions

  • Single master Attunement with Tibetan Master symbol and instructions on its use
  • Instructions on how to create a Reiki healing grid for the healing process of self and others
  • Effective removal of critical issues by psychic surgery
  • The use of Antahkarana symbol for enhancing Reiki rays
  • The use of specialized meditations for a complete well being

Rewards students with an advanced Reiki training certificate

Reiki Master Teacher Certification

reikirays workshopIndividuals interested in Reiki III B i.e ADVANCED LEVEL must be a Reiki II & III A level practitioner. And must have a desire and intention to help others and want self-improvement..


  • One final attunement session if two attunements have been done in the previous level
  • Motivating session of discussion on the role and the ethics of a Reiki master
  • Teach as well as practice the overall process of Attunement
  • Teaching the aspiring would be Reiki master, two Reiki master symbols along with their meaning and usage
  • Reward them with Reiki master certificate

Learn How To Use A Pendulum Dowsing (Radiesthesia)

Level - 1

reikirays workshop The pendulum dowsing session also known as Radiesthesia is a 4 hour session class. This process is very vital in Reiki as it teaches the individual aspiring to be a Reiki master how to answer questions, how to make and use pendulum for solving issues such as nutrition, aromas, chakras, relationships etc. The pendulum is the medium through which one can learn how to strengthen one's abilities. For further enquiry please contact us.


Level - 2

VASTUSHASTRA (For Healthy & Happy Home)

This level focuses on how Vastu and land vibrations, directions, predicts problems and gives solutions through problem charts on human troubles, invisible powers and vibrations of door and residence, factories and offices etc. Dowsing for water and map dowsing, alphabet indicator and academic indicator chart are also a part of this level.
The most important chapter includes the practical findings of negative energy, problems of faulty lands, EMF, water streams, geopathic stress etc. It also lays stress on the difference between black streams and geopathic stress. The duration of this session is 8 hours.



The Scantenna - Energy Scanner Workshop

Scantenna is a vastu energy scanner designed by Sri Kamal, the vastu consultant and Reiki master, Bangalore. It is one of the best energy producing devices to scan invisible blocks at human and building level. It identifies human chakra, aura measuring, negative entities presence etc. People who are interested in this can make this as a profession can contact us.

What you Learn

The scantenna can locate particular organs even from 5 meters distance. It shows the path where energy is blocked. It is a small flexible gadget and is portable. It can scan the body totally and indicate the presence of negative energy. The instrument can select a drug of compatible frequency opposite in polarity from allopathy, ayurvedy or homeopathy way of treatment. It can also locate the origin and source of the illness irrespective of its source i.e bacteria or virus.

Vastu and Astrology

It is said that there is a deep relation existing between the solar energy, the earth energy and the geometry i.e the buildings. Materials like sand, steel, concrete reduces the positive energy of the residence as compared to the houses made up of mud having roof shaped like pyramids because of its tendency of retaining high energies. The vastu purusha, a symbolic representation of high positive energy protects the house. The solar and the magnetic energy creates resultant forces in two individual direction protecting the house. While constructing or selecting a house, he geometry, number i.e built with mathematics and the color are the three most important things taken into account which retains positive energy for prosperity.

Police and military science

This science includes using of UT scanner by which a criminal an be found out from his finger prints. The signature and blood/urine samples are also used in the forensic works. One can easily identify the photograph of the dead person if the photograph is taken within 15 hours of the murder or death. It also works as a lie detector as well as a police dog. The class is of 8 hours. For more information please contact us.

Endless usage practice more to experience more.


Chakra Healing

reikirays workshopIndividual who are interested to uplift their life in the area of Health, Finance, Relationship, Career and Spirituality in a holistic way can register for the Chakra Healing workshop.



  • Learn about the seven types of Chakras
  • How it affects one’s health and lifestyle
  • How to develop healthy chakras for children
  • Balancing of chakras through Meditation, Mantras, Affirmations, Gemstones, Colour and Aroma therapy

Life Skills Workshop for Kids

reikirays workshopParents who are interested to shape their children’s future in a holistic way can register for the below workshop



  • Learn to concentrate and focus using Mindfulness
  • Learn to decrease stress and anxiety like Exams, public speaking using EFT
  • Find Skilful ways to respond to difficult emotions
  • Techniques to improve their senses such as Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic using NLP techniques
  • Sound therapy
  • Fun activities which make them to learn
    • To solve problem as a team
    • Creativity – thinking outside the box
    • Building relationship
    • Life lessons – establishing respect
    • Leadership skills

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique

Eliminate your stress and negative emotion with "Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)".EFT is a powerful, drug-free, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use technique that can reduce stress or painful emotions associated with thoughts, past experiences, emotional challenges and also helps in increasing personal performance.


What You Learn

  • Remove Negative Emotions
  • Reduce Food Cravings
  • Reduce or Eliminate Pain
  • Implement Positive Goals
  • And a many more other life isuues...
By Uma Mageswari, Reiki Grand Master