About Sri Kamal

I looked deep within myself to explore the answers

Because I knew even though but I can’t say how,

The truth was deep inside me,

Thereby I opened the door without any fear to perpetuity,

And walked in…

Sri Kamal, proficient Geomancy Expert, Reiki Grand Master and a real Philanthropist. He has been involved in these godly arts since many years, helping in giving right solutions to the ones in problems. He believes in both rational scientific approach based on primordial ways of calculation. A clairvoyant Sri Kamal uses various healing modalities that he learnt and mastered over a period of time.

Sri Kamal is a lead exponent of 360 degree consulting individuals and businesses on Astro Numerology and Vastu Shastra. His advice has proved to be very valuable and fruitful to many. Sri Kamal is a renowned scholar, an influential practicing consultant and a dedicated student of Vastu and Numerology. He is also involved in Reiki, Dowsing, Crystals and Geopathic stress.

Sri Kamal helps in recovering a person in a way which he or she is comfortable in. He is an ardent believer of the fact that these disciplines are of scientific nature and revolves around the rigid and logical principles of astronomy, mathematics and psychology. He thinks that a person is prejudiced by his or her own consciousness and can easily adjust to the external factors which require them to get accustomed to rather than fearing them. His wish is to create a ‘psychologically’ healthy society as he believes that good physical and financial condition and happiness can only reside in one’s life when there is complete mental peace within them.

This all started with his own life. Sri kamal was totally broken when he lost his mother few years back. He was unable to bear this huge loss which drove him into severe depression and mental distress. Not only emotionally broken, his mental and physical self also took a setback. The treatment that he was taking were unable to cure him from the trauma he was going through; rather those pills made him numb and affected him adversely.

Life took another bad turn for him when his very dear one was diagnosed with cancer in the third stage. The doctors gave up and he almost lost hope. After this he adopted Reiki, which came as a blessing to them. The risky surgery was a success. This was possible with the blessings of his parents, friends, well wishers and prayers of one and all near to him, Reiki and the universe.

Things began changing after these successive incidents. Sri kamal had visions of people who were unknown to him and that he was curing people in his dreams some of which noticed a lot of differences while some were unbelievable. He then engaged himself in a Hypnotherapy course where he happened to meet different people but with one common motive- all were related to healing. This is where he learnt about different healing techniques like Reiki, Pranic healing, dowsing, crystal therapy etc. he learnt a lot about consciousness through meditation and realized that every individual’s mind is like a computer that is connected to the minds of all living beings through one universal mind. This Universal mind answers all queries and gives solutions for all problems or decisions as it has immense intelligence. One should just know how to use it.

All this knowledge made Sri Kamal realize the vital roles which his mother and dear one played in his life, though he lost his mother much earlier and was almost losing out on his dear one. We tend to remember God mostly at the time of pain and tumults. Sri Kamal easily understands the minds of the distressed people because he too suffered the same for a long period of time. People say that he is intuitive but according to him, he has the ability to feel things which were far from the potentiality of a normal human mind and there is no hurdle of time and space. He completely accepted whatever came to him and also had little fear. This seems very natural to him now although not earlier when he faced such a phase of sufferings. From his words :

Nurture your soul with positive thoughts and internal happiness will blossom before your eyes…Love, light and Many blessings, from here may you live happily ever afterSri Kamal