About Sri Kamal

Sri Kamal is a proficient Geomancy Expert, Reiki Grand Master and a real Philanthropist. He has been involved in these godly arts since many years, helping in giving right solutions to the ones in problems. He believes in both rational scientific approach based on primordial ways of calculation. A clairvoyant Sri Kamal uses various healing modalities that he learnt and mastered over a period of time.

Sri Kamal is a lead exponent of 360 degree consulting individuals and businesses on Astro Numerology and Vastu Shastra. His advice has proved to be very valuable and fruitful to many. Sri Kamal is a renowned scholar, an influential practicing consultant and a dedicated student of Vastu and Numerology. He is also involved in Reiki, Dowsing, Crystals and Geopathic stress.

Sri Kamal helps in recovering a person in a way which he or she is comfortable in. He is an ardent believer of the fact that these disciplines are of scientific nature and revolves around the rigid and logical principles of astronomy, mathematics and psychology.


About Reiki

Do you ever wonder that there can be miracles in your hands? Have you ever looked at with a sense of awe and wonder? Majority of us fail to realize that we can channelize divine healing energy via our hands. It is indeed a magical state and is an aspect that is currently beyond the understanding of the scientific reasoning. When we get accustomed to the Reiki and experience the mystical sensations that the Reiki energy brings in, we definitely are thrilled and excited. Unfortunately most of us don’t give importance to it as with time we become used to it like everything that life has to offer us.

Reiki is the art of healing an individual spiritually. It is a pious practice which an individual performs to heal the Universal Life Force surrounding him or her. This Universal Life Force or energy, according to the Reiki is termed as Qi or Ki which should be free flowing within or surrounding the individual practicing it, so as to be balanced and healthy. Reiki is a spiritual practice; it has nothing to do with religion. Hence, anyone can practice it despite their individual religion and use it to heal themselves as well as others in a proper way. This process is known as ‘Attunement’ in which the Reiki master or instructor preaches their students about the proper use of Reiki energy and how to heal themselves and others.


Angelic Healing

Angel healing is basically a type of energy healing that works well with the help of the divine angels. Angel therapy can be beneficial for anyone. It makes you feel a sense of release, followed by peace of mind, happiness and balance after the healing season.


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Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing  dissolve the blockages and grounds us with the physical existence. When chakras remain balanced, the energy helps you to blend the physical and spiritual parts of your body. It helps you to eliminate the things that are not needed anymore.

Crystal Healing

The crystals are generally color coordinated with the energy centers in your body known as chakras. Each chakra has its own color and there are stones of those colors which are placed there. This will help you in the overall balance of the aura.

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What Is Karma?

Reiki Healing and Good Thought to Improve Your Karma

‘ Karma ’- this is the base of human’s life. Though many people may not understand the real meaning of karma, but it is the guiding force of their life. In different people’s life, karma is different. Before delving more into the connection between karma and Reiki, one should know more about the real meaning of karma. […]

cleanse your soul

How to Remove Unwanted Individual from Your Soul

To cleanse your soul and to attain a successful life, you need to eliminate any unwanted influence from your soul. In your path of life, you meet several persons who create only negative impact on your spirit. Deleting them from your system is the only way to attain success and peaceful life. For that, you […]

reiki meditation

Clearing Past Issues with Reiki Meditation

Being a human, we all have one or the other issue, quarrel or some unhealthy incident in our past which bothers us and what we do for them, is we just dump them in some corner of our brain by saying, let it go. All such type of issues are always stored somewhere in our […]

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What our clients say

I consulted Vaastu Vigyan Expert to get my property sold or to let for rented. I had my house vacated from past 2 years ,people come see and go. After their advice I got my house rented on lease. They have thorough knowledge. I thank them for their Guidance.


Rahim, Mysore

Thanks for your vaastu suggestion which has been best to me. I was having problems like our family health problem, regular visits to doctor of every member of my family. Also money did not hold in the hand unwanted expenditure occurs every time also being every thing, but there was no peace in the house, now everything is ok . Thanks again.

Jaffer Bhai

We are really thankful to you, you had given very nice and simple solutions which can be followed and which has given us great relief, its great.

Mohan Sunder Raj

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